What to Expect

Discover Your Greatest Assets

NDignite Connection participants can expect to participate in six online sessions per semester. You’ll enjoy activities that will guide you through college and career preparation, but will also help you use your natural talents to take on leadership roles in many settings. You’ll learn more about yourself and work toward finding your unique place in the world.

During each session, you'll be expected to watch a 30-minute broadcast and complete activities associated with each broadcast.  Most activities can be completed in 45 minutes or less. 

*Students in the Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ areas can also expect to participate in at least one face-to-face event per semester. In recent years, local students joined the Notre Dame Clubs of Philadelphia and South Jersey in a service event at St. Anthony of Padua in Camden, NJ. Together, the group helped tidy up the grounds, repaint the facilities, and made a significant change in their community - all while having fun together.