NDignite Connection participants are expected to participate in six online sessions per semester in our Online Learning Center.  Each session features a live webcast and an activity related to the week's topic.  The broadcasts are archived and retained for the students to review after the live show.  Online activities are not meant to be homework, but are designed to keep students thinking about each concept after the session has ended.

Concepts discussed:

Fall Semester                     

  • Self-Awareness:  Dreams, Dignity, Decency, & Diligence

  • College Prep:  Time management-managing your time wisely

  • Resilience/EQ:  Setting SMART Goals & Identifying Roadblocks

  • College Prep:  Finding the Right Fit

  • Resilience/EQ:  Gratitude & Positive Thinking

  • Spirituality:  Finding your purpose

Spring Semester
  • Respect for Diversity:  Seeing your world through a different lens

  • College Prep:  Networking/Identifying healthy relationships

  • Creativity:  Critical Thinking

  • Resilience/EQ:  Understanding emotional intelligence

  • Leadership:  What does it take to be a leader?

  • Service -- Hesburgh Month of Service

Summer Session
  • Optional Programming — Creative Writing and/or Photography contests