NDignite Connection LIVE October 9

Author: Debra Wisler

Resilience/EQ: Setting SMART Goals & Identifying Roadblocks

Our guest is Wendy Angst, an Associate Teaching Professor in the Management Department of the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses specializing in design thinking, innovation, strategy, consulting, social media, consumer engagement, and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Notre Dame Angst was an entrepreneur in the healthcare space, serving for over a decade as one of the earliest champions and architects of the electronic personal health record (PHR) aimed at engaging individuals in wellness, prevention, and disease management through interoperability and interactive messaging. Additionally, Angst has worked as a consultant both nationally and internationally. Angst continues to serve in an advisory capacity to startup companies; she is a member of the Irish Entrepreneurs Network, has served as a facilitator of pre-seed workshops in the Michiana community, serves on the board of directors of the YWCA for North Central Indiana, and serves on the advisory board of Plus3, an award-winning company that uses social platforms coupled with philanthropy to engage employees in wellness.